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Homes for the Environmentally Sensitive: Ten Texas Cottages

Friday, February 19th, 2016

This project down in Texas caught my attention. So many of our clients suffer from various sensitivities, mold being just the tip of the iceberg, in many cases. We often hear from them how hard it is to find safe and comfortable housing. Modern construction is laden with materials that off-gas chemicals (VOC’s) and are also mold-friendly, while being awash in electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). The people behind this small development did their homework. The percentage of the population who have a need for this type of alternative construction is bound to grow as our bodies find the artificial conditions we’ve created less and less tolerable. Heck, it’s just a healthier way to live, even if you aren’t one of the sensitive few. Take a look!

Mold, MCS, EMFs


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