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Do These Rubber Ducks Have A Dirty Secret You Should Know?

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

They say that the devil is in the details. It’s also often said that it’s the little things that count the most. So, so true.

Being in the mold business, there are many examples of this, and it’s not just about the tiny spores, which everyone worries so much about, or even the mycotoxins, which the media has a field day with. These are natural parts of our environment to a large degree, which we should be aware of, and attempt to minimize exposure to, but can’t be truly avoided.

The idea behind this blog post is something slightly different, and it’s a subject we don’t hear quite enough about. My recent post about the potential dangers of antibacterial soaps – something I’ve written about in the past – and some of the chemicals in them, touched squarely on the operative issue, which is how tiny chemicals, often man-made, can have a huge impact on our hormones, and cause lasting effects on our bodies.

What we are taking about is endocrine disruptors. These insidious compounds find their way into our life in every way imaginable. We breathe them, rub them into our skin, and eat them, every single day. They can cause weight gain, reproductive issues, and cognitive problems, among other things, as if that isn’t enough. As I said before, many of them are almost impossible to avoid, since they have become so widely distributed in our environment. A classic example are chemicals called phthalates, which make plastic flexible.  You would most likely find them in the plastic bag your kid’s PB&J sandwich is in today. They’re also in the rubber duckies floating in your bathtub.

A quick search will tell you that they aren’t nearly as harmless as we would like them to be, and a deeper dive will also tell you that you will find them in most dust. We are surrounded by them! In the interest of making things easy and convenient, we’ve caused some other problems.  This is a good piece, worth reading. In fact, I recently read that weight loss is harder in the 2000’s than it was in the 1980’s, for this reason alone!

As is the case with many important issues, there are some things we need to accept as part of our modern reality, and some things worth learning more about, so we can make informed choices, and better protect ourselves and our loved ones. Making that distinction can be tricky, but it’s crucial that you do. It’s one of the many reasons we refuse to allow chemicals to be used during mold remediation.

Along these lines, I’ve discovered a very valuable website, chock-full of resources on the subject. Check it out here. It could make all the difference in the world for you and your family.

Avoidance is a strategy. Ignorance is not.

In good health,


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