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The NASA Guide to Healthy Indoor Air

Friday, February 26th, 2016

I’ve been wrong for all these years. Good indoor air quality is actually rocket science. I guess when you spend that much time in a place where you can never open your windows, things can get nasty quickly. In this little post, you can find out which houseplants may be the healthiest, and why, all based on research by NASA! There’s even an infographic for you, if you like. You may be surprised to learn that some common plants can remove toxic chemicals from the air, in addition to carbon dioxide, which was already a pretty nifty trick all by itself. While it took a few decades for us to learn about the “music” the astronauts heard while they were on the dark side of the moon, they were kind enough to share this wisdom in real-time. Our government dollars at work!  In other recent news, black mold was found in cargo that was headed up to the International Space Station, causing a couple of weeks delay. There’s never a dull moment, when it comes to mold, it seems.

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