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See What Our Customers Have to Say!

Through the years we've been able to help so many wonderful people, and some of them were kind enough to write to us and tell us how they felt about their experience. Please read their stories below.

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Jill Murray, Pennington, NJ

Mold inspection & testing in Princeton NJ, Black mold symptoms.

"Our family had a nightmare mold problem (like you would see on 60 Minutes) and we had to move out of our house and live with my parents for a year. Our daughter, then 3 1/2, had been chronically ill for 2 1/2 years. Up to that point, hundreds of tests on our daughter brought no answers..." Read story >

Anthony Ruivivar, New York City

Mold inspection in NYC , black mold symptoms.

"It's been a year or so since you and your wonderful dog came and worked in our home. As you know our 1 1/2 year old son, Kainoa, was suffering from chronic colds which often led to respiratory distress. Our doctor at the time was somewhat stumped but she recommended we check the air quality in his room..." Read story >

Louise Lasser, New York City

Mold inspection and testing in NYC, mold allergy symptoms.

"After suffering from chronic sinus infections and difficulty breathing for far too long, I finally went to Wellington Tichenor M.D., a well-known and highly-regarded sinus & allergy specialist on Park Avenue. He immediately suspected that I might have a mold problem at home..." Read story >

Stockton Borough School District, Stockton, NJ

"I want to compliment you on the personable service you provide. Your enthusiasm for your work and your “workmate”, Oreo, were inspirational. Also appreciated was your willingness to take the time to review each item and provide an explanation of each finding with possible causes and suggestions for remediation..." Read story >

Scott L. Kay M.D., Princeton, NJ

"I had heard about Oreo, the mold-sniffing dog on television, and given the prior history, I thought it might be a good idea for her to seek out this form of investigation. Little did I know, Oreo and his owner, Jason Earle, were located in my own town of Princeton, New Jersey..." Read story >

Kathleen Vandergrift, Princeton, NJ

I recently had the need to get a mold inspection performed on my home after having suffered through some severe flooding. I contacted two mold specialists; one sent by my homeowners’ insurance company and 1-800-Got-Mold, who came recommended by several friends. There was a vast difference in my experience with these two companies. While the one company indeed performed an adequate inspection, it was not up to the quality work that Jason, Steve and Oreo performed. From the moment I contacted the folks at 1-800-Got-Mold, I was very impressed with their professionalism and dedication. Read story >

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