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Chris Sander, Mountainside, NJ

Jason of 1800GotMold even had my mold remediation contractor taking notice, resulting in the doubling up of their efforts to pass Jason’s detailed post mold clean up inspection. When my Mold Remediation contractor realized Jason of 1800GotMold was performing the post remediation testing and was in charge of the certification process to ensure the remediation company properly performed their work, they stated they needed to come back and perform some additional work.

The remediation company representative stated that they knew of Jason and his detailed work/inspections, and that the work they had just stated as being complete, would not pass Jason’s inspection because of his attention to detail. In fact they stated most mold testing/retesting companies will not bother looking at the harder to get at areas, and now realized they had overlooked removing insulation in the cantilever overhang that still contained evidence of mold. Just to clarify, I believe the mold remediation company was performing their work in good faith and not intentionally cutting any corners. But I also believe that once they realized Jason was involved, they double and triple checked their work and found they had missed some areas that they immediately came back to address and resolve.

Lessons learned:

1. Always have a mold inspection performed. First home we were in a contract to purchase, we backed out of, after Jason uncovered what was likely a previously flooded basement that was not cleaned up when it should have been and therefore mold was flourishing behind finished walls that showed as having moisture behind them, as well as around many areas adjacent with tile floor, such as under the stairs and other nooks and crannies. This was in addition to the other indications of mold in the bathroom shower/tub areas and various window frames that he detected high moisture within. The seller was in complete denial so we pulled out. A few weeks later we were asked if we still wanted to purchase the property at a reduced price. Obviously the home owner had their own inspection performed and realized the full scope of work involved to remedy the situation, as did I once Jason pointed it all out, so I opted to pass and subsequently found another home that we also hired Jason of 1800GotMold to inspect.

2. Always re-inspect, else the contractor who is tasked with actually removing the mold in your home has no incentive to get it 100% right.

3. Hire Jason of 1800GotMold as he obviously has an established reputation with remediation contractors, at least with the one I used, that they cannot cut corners or overlook details since Jason is sure to call them out on it and make them come back and get it right before he will certify the work as being complete and all mold properly remediated.  ~ Chris S.

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