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Dina Vecchione, Red Bank, NJ

Due to my recurrent sinus problems and lack of response to treatment, my doctor suspected that the problem was environmental. I had constant headaches which made it very difficult to concentrate on anything. The nasal congestion and swelling was so severe that I almost gave up on breathing through my nose. Even on my better days, I was still sneezing, coughing and clearing my throat. I am very thankful that my doctor, Dr. Tichenor went beyond just the physical exam and looked at the whole picture. After questioning me about my home and work environment he suspected a mold problem at my office and suggested that I contact Jason Earle. Jason came out and the first thing he did was to explain his process. He also provided me with articles, information and some basic changes that I could make to my environment that would improve air quality. After talking with Jason it was obvious that he is passionate about helping people to secure a healthy environment. A significant mold problem was found at my office and a remediation was promptly completed. I was so pleased with the results at my office that I had Jason and Oreo test my home. Knowing where we have had leaks over the years I was astonished when Oreo went directly to each of these areas and signaled to let Jason know that they were problem areas. It was truly amazing to watch Oreo in action. Luckily my home did not have major issues, but after telling Jason about my concerns regarding symptoms that my daughter was having he asked if he could speak with her. In doing so he was able to help me identify a possible problem at her school. For this especially, I am eternally grateful! As I sit in my office today my head is no longer pounding, I am not sneezing, coughing or wheezing. I am breathing through my nose!!! It may sound silly but you don’t realize how wonderful it is to breathe through your nose until you can’t. This is all thanks to Jason Earle and Oreo! Jason is truly committed to solving the problem and also to educating his clients. I come away from this experience being so grateful to Jason not only for detecting the mold but also for educating me on how to prevent it in the future and improve the air quality in my home and office. Knowledge is power and Jason truly empowered me with the tools I need to make the best choices for my family when it comes to the air we breathe. Thank you, Jason!

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