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Gabby Friedman, Staten Island NY

Gabby Friedman, Staten Island NY mold testing customerI'm Gabby Friedman from Staten Island, New York and I am a chronic sinus, allergy and asthma sufferer. I first used Jason Earle's services, formerly known as Lab Results, 8 years ago for my prior home as well as my current home and learned I indeed had mold. Jason's professionalism and knowledge concerning the topic of mold and it's proper eradication is quite extraordinary and impressive. Plus, Oreo is such a well trained and cute dog! I received the most professional, thorough, and honest advice and learned more about the dangers of mold than I could ever imagine. I recently used Jason's services again with 1800 GOT MOLD and was relieved that my current house was ok, except for my moldy air conditioners. Once again, I received excellent, honest service and would definitely recommend 1800 GOT MOLD to anyone who remotely suspects mold in their home. Anyone with chronic sinus trouble or asthma should certainly entrust the services of Jason Earle and 1800 GOT MOLD. Mold isn't a common thing that most people think about. I never really thought about it, but it could very well be in your home and make you sick. I'm sure there are many gimmicks and scammers out there, but Jason and his staff are truly honest, trustworthy, and thorough. For once, it was money well spent!

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