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Hafeez Mohammed, South River NJ

1-800-got-mold is the way to go! After years of suffering with numerous illnesses and allergies, I developed chronic sinusitis. This led to frequent doctor visits, expensive medications and nasal surgeries. Even so, my health issues continued to decline. I developed asthma. Again, I was hospitalized. What's worse is that my children began to fall ill as well. Enough was enough! A recent visit to my Pulmonologist, led me to Jason's company, 1-800-got-mold. My doctor had used Jason's company professionally and recommended his company personally, as well. After some on line investigation, an appointment to meet Jason and his mold sniffing dog, Oreo, was confirmed. Jason and his colleague, Steven, spent all morning carefully explaining the company's policies, processes and procedures to my husband and me. They patiently answered all our questions and put our concerns to rest with research based answers and cutting edge technology. Oreo confirmed their findings! As we started our mold assessment, Jason was involved in every step. He saw the entire remediation process through to completion. Now we are mold free and I feel much better. I haven't had any health complications since the remediation. Jason has continued to make himself available for consultation. I would definitely recommend 1-800-got-mold to anyone who asks. The company and their technology are top rate- professional all the way. Thanks Jason!

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