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Margie Flagg, Stockton, NJ

"As a long time allergy sufferer, with severe reactions to mold and mildew, and five years of allergy shots which only partially cured the problem, I was horrified to smell that “musty” smell in two places in my home. So I went searching for a specialist and found Jason and Oreo online. As a dog lover who understands how perceptive animals can be, Oreo’s skills made perfect sense to me. I called Jason and got an appointment right away.

Jason spent a good deal of time going around and through my house and pointing out how to minimize mold accumulation and sources of poor indoor air quality in spots like the basement (Example: my central vacuum exhausts unfiltered, particle-laden air into my basement instead of exhausting outdoors. This dirty air, and all that comes with it, is reintroduced into the rest of the house through the air ducts and furnace – located only 10 feet away from the central vacuum exhaust – Yuck!).

Then Oreo got to do her thing. It’s wonderful to watch her work. After sniffing, sitting, and pointing out exactly where she smelled mold, Jason investigated what might be causing the mold with moisture meters and other tools. I found that the places that I was worried about were not really a problem, but that I had several OTHER problems brewing that could become huge mold issues. Oreo pointed to the bottom of the window in my bedroom, which is right next to the chimney for the fireplace in the living room below. Jason speculated that there may be a leak around the chimney. After he left, I took out the window screen, stuck my head out, and there it was….a crack in the caulking, and some rotting cedar siding right next to it.

Before leaving, Jason recommended further investigation, testing and analysis of the areas he & Oreo discovered but because I chose not to pursue professional mold removal at this time, I opted not to make the additional investment that day. It was simply enough for me to confirm my suspicions: I have a mold problem – several actually. When I am prepared to remedy the situation I will most certainly call Jason back to help design the solution and guide me through the process. Since he does not perform repairs or remediation, I am comforted in knowing that his recommendations and guidance will be free of conflicts-of-interest and ulterior motives.

I’d recommend this team to anyone who even THINKS they have a problem with mold in their home."

Margie Flagg
Stockton, NJ

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