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Moira Rioux, New York, NY

Moira Rioux, New York NY mold testing customerI know of Jason Earle and his services through my employment with a high profile Manhattan physician. Jason was often the first choice for environmental assessment if there were concerns of mold in a living or work dwelling. His analysis and reports are detailed and thorough. Feedback from patients has always been positive and many are profoundly appreciative of the information, which serves to clarify a piece of a complex health puzzle. Over the years my communication with Jason has revealed a calm, pragmatic professional who clearly had a wealth of knowledge on the subject of mold. When I found a mold spot on my children’s ceiling in June 2013, I did not hesitate and called Jason immediately. What we received was prompt and on time service despite a torrential summer downpour. Analysis of the mold area was performed and to our relief, easy self-remediation instructions were given. The cleaning procedure was not elaborate nor did it require expensive testing or preparation. Since Jason’s company performs the assessment piece only and does not perform remediation services, there are no conflict of interest concerns. What I am still surprised by and grateful for is the extra time Jason spent in going through our apartment and the advice we received on dryer venting, air conditioning and really overall suggestions for optimizing air quality. I consider Jason and his staff to be the premier choice in mold analysis and indoor air quality assessment. In my opinion every household can benefit from an indoor air quality assessment and often implement simple corrections to improve air quality. I truly believe my family received invaluable advice which has improved the air we breathe.

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