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Sven Hermann, Princeton Junction, NJ

Sven Hermann, Princeton Junction, NJ mold testing customerI love my log cabin with a finished basement. Unfortunately the basement had a high humidity level pretty much all the time. Which made us suspect that mold growth might be an issue. Sure, you see mold here and there, but I hever thought its a big deal. When we reached out to the guys from 1800GotMold, they were very helpful with our questions and responded always in not time. We decided to get their team over to the house to get some measurements done. Me being an engineer, I need to see numbers to know if there is a problem, or if its ok still. Once their team arrived, they were teaching us about everything we had to know about mold before they started to set up the gear for the measurements. The entire process took about 1h with 3 measurements, it was extremely professional and I am very happy that I called them. After the results got back from the lab, we received a full report outlining all the findings and the numbers of the measurements. Unfortunately the mold spore count was way elevated for us. But the guys from 1800GotMold were very supportive, and helped us to figure out the right next steps. I would highly recommend you calling them if you have any type of mold problem. You will not be disappointed with the service. I hope I am not going to have any more mold issues, but if I will I will call you guys up again. :) Thanks for the help.

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