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By Jason Earle Google+

You can only remove mold you can find. We learned that lesson early in the game. Traditional tools and methods often can't pinpoint exactly where mold is thriving inside a building without driving costs sky high.

It was that frustration that led us to Oreo, the first certified Mold Dog™ in the Northeast. In 2003 we began integrating the use of non-traditional mold inspection methods such as mold-detection dogs, particle counters and infrared thermography with more conventional mold testing and mold inspection methods such as air testing and surface sampling.

While few companies offer the total approach we do, the time-tested, proven methods and techniques 1-800-GOT-MOLD? professionals employ in our proprietary Mold Assessment Protocol (MAP) are now widely accepted.

We have appeared on Good Morning America and been featured in over a hundred newspaper and magazine articles because of the success stories that we've helped make possible through this unique and sensible approach. Click here to read what some of our customers have to say.

A Mold Dog-enhanced inspection can reduce the area of remediation to its smallest possible dimensions and lowest possible cost. Oreo and our other certified mold detection dogs tell us exactly where the mold is hiding, and our state-of-the-art toolbox gives us the confirmation, quantification and analysis needed to effect a proper cleanup and bring your building back to health.

Oh, and we never, ever get involved in the remediation/restoration side of the job, except as a consultant to our customer. If final test results indicate a problem, our consulting work could include writing a scope of work for remediation crews, supervising the job setup and material removal, and performing clearance testing to ensure the work was done right.

If the work is not properly done, the remediation contractor must fix it at their cost. A poorly done remediation job will make an indoor mold problem worse, by spreading spores all over the house. We want to make certain this doesn't happen to you.

We specialize in the detection, location, diagnosis and prevention of mold and moisture problems in all indoor environments.

1-800-GOT-MOLD? LLC is a full service indoor air-quality consulting firm based in Princeton NJ.

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